Greetings from DRYKORN

After months of working from home and dozens of pantless zoom parties, we invested our remaining courage in ordering from what was the last unknown delivery service in town. Until this summer, when we finally broke out of our four walls. We sought freedom in untouched nature and left the urban space behind. With the fall/winter collection 2021, we are now reconquering the streets of the cities and turning them into our very own runway. 

Urban Equipment

The charm of rough street canyons. Harsh contrasts, varied facets, authentic characters and emotional gestures. A scene with its very own appeal. The stage for a collection that consciously confronts the dominance and influence of technology in our lives. Its sportswear inspired clean designs and functional styles will guide you through the urban jungle and celebrate the spontaneity of the moment. 


Optimistic Rebellion

It is the carefree night when we drift from one night-spot to the next while the beat echoes in our ears, that drives us into windy streets once again. It is the constant change and diversity, that inspires us and let the city vibrate in our veins. With the capsules of the fall/winter collection 2021, we embody the rich diversity of urban life in an interplay of wide silhouettes, floating fabrics and popping colours. Fashion for shared experiences and new memories, that we are ready to share with the world.