Better Cotton

We deliberately increase the use of organic cotton. However, we know organic cotton is still a product which is rare on the market. Less than 1% of global cotton farming follows certified ecological criteria. 

That's not enough! Cotton farming needs pesticides, fertiliser and defoliants which harm the environment and the farmers’ health. To reach as many cotton farmers as possible and to influence their lives positively Better Cotton was founded. The non-profit organization was born out of a round table initiative led by the WWF. 

The initiative had the aim to establish a system which would provide cotton farmers with knowledge about sustainable farming practices. More efficient use of water or reduced use of chemicals are key to prevent damage and harm through pesticides and fertilizers. At the same time, living conditions improve due to decreased spending,higher profits and farmers trainings in decent work principles. Every year Better Cotton publishes a summary of its outcomes. They can be retrieved here

Better Cotton is sourced according to the principle of mass balance which has been successfully implemented in fair trade cocoa or tea sales and distribution. Better Cotton, produced licensed farmers, can be mixed with or substituted by conventional cotton throughout the cotton supply chain. As a result, Better Cotton is not physically traceable to the finished product from the cotton farm along the supply chain. However, a volume tracking system, mass balance, is used to ensure that the volume of Better Cotton being sourced by brands is never more than the volume produced by licensed farmers. 

This generates a cost efficient system, which is beneficial to all participants. The licensed cotton farmer and all following stakeholders from cotton processing, to yarn production or weaving facilities do not have to physically separate Better Cotton from conventional cotton and prepare cost intensive certificates for traceability of the fibre. The previous years showed that this system leads to a continuously increasing demand of Better Cotton certified cotton which improved the life of many farmers significantly. This is what counts – this is what we want to support. If you buy a product with the Better Cotton Logo on it, you support training of cotton farmers for a better future!