This Season we forge a monument to lust in four varied portraits. We delight in celebrating the lust for life and explore all its facets. From hedonistic ecstasy to euphoric flow states, we follow personalities who live and enjoy their very own lust for life. Personalities who express themselves without compromise. Freed from the constraints of rigid patterns and trodden paths! Autumn/Winter 2022 is about the courage to find your personal definition of inner and outer beauty.

To surrender to passion – and to devour life.

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Maurizio Tentella

is a researcher, constantly searching for the most delicious Italian dishes. For him, and DRYKORN, lust and indulgence are closely intertwined. “To me, the greatest luxury would be to be able to eat forever without ever feeling full.” The SPACEDELICIOUS founder loves to treat the world to his passion and discoveries, encouraged by the unifying force of shared culinary delights. “I consider food the strongest social network. Nothing connects people like a shared meal.”
Together with Maurizio and Italian-based designer Sasha Maria Bell we scoured Naples’ winding alleyways for the most precious delights. Maurizio shows us the best spots for specialties like fluffy babá Napoletani, rich and indulgent mozzarella, or seminal Neapolitan pizza.

The Diego Maradona Tribute

In 1984, Diego Armando Maradona – one of the greatest footballers of all times according to countless fans and pros – catapulted the SSC Napoli to new glory. Fast-forward three decades and passionate Neapolitans continue to worship their icon. Among his biggest fans and fervent acolytes are the Vignati family, who display countless of artifacts in their tiny museum. Maradona’s former housekeeper and cook Lucia Vignati and her husband have spent years painstakingly assembling their treasures, from team jersey and awards to the star’s football boot. According to Lucia, her family enjoyed a special bond and relationship with the Argentinean maestro. “He was friendly, a good person. When he left us, it was as if I had lost a son.” Passion and devotion.
We join Franco di Calcio Jr.’s search for traces of the Maradona personality cult. Together with him, we visit locations dedicated to the adopted Neapolitan hero and explore the Vignati family’s relic-filled shrine to the city’s football saint.


dedicates her music to the lust – and lust for life – of Italian culture. The Lithuanian-born artist has a unique view of Italy that continues to inspire her. “I often catch myself daydreaming in places like these, where time never seems to pass and everybody looks sunkissed 365 days a year. I try to capture this dreamy mood and translate it into songs.” Her multifaceted sound conjures up hints of Italian 1970s disco and feels as light and airy as a day on a Capri beach. A timeless reverie of la dolce vita.
We caught up with Popa in Naples’ oldest studio. Here, at the Novecento Napoli auditorium, where all the city’s biggest stars have recorded, she performs her song “Bon Vivant”.

Paulita Pappel

has been celebrating lust for more than a decade – with pornographic films. Just like DRYKORN, Paulita thrives on diversity. “I believe in a pornography that liberates us from normative expectations on how sex should be or appear.” Active behind and in front of the camera, the Berlin Porn Film Festival curator champions a sex-positive culture that removes any sense of guilt or shame. “I make porn to bring people together and broaden our collective horizons.”
We caught up with Paulita at her shoot with actors Serafina and Nayah. Against the backdrop of picturesque Villa Tarcisia, we captured a sensual, sensitive portrait that offers glimpses of her pornographic work.

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