For every order that is not fully returned, we plant a tree sapling. We support Eden Reforestation Projects to plant tree saplings in the mangrove forests of the coast of Madagascar. Help us make a difference and avoid unnecessary returns.

Eden Reforestation Projects has more than 93 sites in Madagascar, with over 8,800 employees working on raising and planting mangrove saplings. We think this is a great cause, worth every support it can get. We’d be glad if you would also consider supporting the Eden Reforestation Project to create forests and communities that last.

Less is more

Our packaging was not very beautiful

Of course, packaging is necessary. We need to ensure our products are clean and undamaged when they arrive at your doorstep. So, what to do, to make it better?

It’s all about using more sustainable materials, less plastic and reuse. By using thinner polybags (for hanging shipments) we keep our products safe and at the same time save 3.4 tons of plastic each year. Our ecommerce packaging is plastic-free, 100% recyclable, certified and can be used for returns.

Ticked off the bucket list:

_100% climate neutral shipping
_100% carbon offsetting of all flights. No domestic flights
_returns are not destroyed

Up next: carbon neutral HQ, further reduce the use of plastics, more multi-use packaging