Productinformatie "IRVING_SK"
Fraag vorm: met piekluiskapel
Geslacht: heren
Kleur: grijs
Kleur: 6310
Materiaal: polyester
Pasvormen: skinny fit
Productgroep: getailleerde blazer
Voering: volledige voering
closure: single-breasted
color_code: 6310
custom label: DRYNAMIC
duurzaamheid: made with mulesing free wool, made with recycled / reprocessed polyester
shopware_color_code: 6310
Maat: 44

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This product is made of lightweight, high-tech materials. From the choice of fabric to details such as zips or inner linings, our designers have always taken care to ensure a lightweight feel, without compromising on thermal regulation or quality. This is made possible by the use of the most innovative and high-quality materials from the performance sector.

4-way Bi-Stretch

Our 4-Way BI-stretch technology ensures that the fabric of this product is stretchable in all directions, giving you maximum freedom of movement. It also serves to ensure that the product does not "stretch out" and always retains its original shape. This gives the product a high level of comfort and a long-lasting, precise fit.


This garment is extra breathable. The use of modern fibres and advanced production techniques ensures high air flow. Other material characteristics such as water resistance or thermal regulation are still retained.

RECYCELTES polyester

The material used for this product consists entirely or partly of recycled polyester. At DRYKORN, we are increasingly using more sustainable materials to contribute to a more resource-efficient fashion industry and a long-lasting product cycle. Learn more about sustainability at DRYKORN here