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JEREMIAS pose, are reckless, think funk is cool. Their sound is danceable and sexy, reduced and grooving at the same time. Sometimes theatrical. They live how they want, write about it and simply play. No more and no less. And that is one thing above all: quite beautiful. Isn’t it?

We, JEREMIAS, are four friends who chanced upon each other in 2018 for the purpose of making music together. I guess you could call our dealings with each other and musical work informal, with a love of detail and openness. The sound that best describes us at the moment is probably "disco-funk" with German lyrics.

In an Instagram post you write "F*ck all people without vision"
What is your vision?

You could sum up our vision in a couple points. One point is to constantly reinvent yourself and thus be open to all possible influences. Also, we're always concerned with what is the point of creating things. The fascination that comes with singing songs, reating lyrics, sounds or cuts, graphics and campaigns, stuff that didn't exist before - that is what drives and inspires us. Ultimately, it's always about drawing strength from love and joy. Add to that some long-term thinking and patience and all of that sums up our vision.

Who inspires you musically fashionably?
There are countless influences. The most present inspiration at the moment is Harry Styles. If you look back, you almost instantly think of Freddie Mercury or Elton John, who also combined their music with fashion.

Fashion & music go hand in hand - how do you feel about the topic?
Absolutely. The dilemma of staging and presenting yourself as a band makes it imperative to look at fashion and music together. This act of presenting yourself to the world is automatic and often unconscious.

What does beautiful mean to you?
"Beautiful" is people being themselves. We find self-confidence, tolerance and being who you are beautiful. JEREMIAS

You're on the road a lot because of your touring. Which place do you always look forward to the most?
What do you like best and least about touring life?

There are very, very many of them. Otherwise we probably wouldn't be touring so intensively. In concrete terms, that moment when we show up at the venue is always beautiful. Everyone is hungry and rushes to the buffet. After the sound check, it's great to go back to the hotel to rest for a few hours. Then of course there's the stage, which in the end becomes a sort of temple during the show itself, and finally boarding the bus the next morning just knowing that you're moving on with the crew, family and the entire circus troupe.

Do you have a "ritual" just before you go on stage? And if so: what is it?
Definitely! We all stand in a circle backstage, sing together, toast and hug each other. After that we briefly scream and then the show begins.

What is your secret, "most embarrassing" favourite song?
We don't have one. There are no secrets here.

Your biggest fashion crime?
Fashion moves with the times and little by little exposes the crimes of the past. Ask us that in 15 years and we'll probably be able to name countless fashion fails.

What do you look for when buying clothes, how important is sustainability to you?
JEREMIAS: The fabrics and styles usually come first. We think sustainability is a given.
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All photos on the page by Lucio Vignolo