Materials for a sustainable future 

New fibers for a better tomorrow

By producing garments there is always an impact on the environment - there is no way around that. After all you need precious resources to create any piece of clothing.

Decisions show who we really are. That’s why we are convinced a respectful use of the world’s resources is the right decision. Therefore, we use recycled wool, TENCEL™ by Lenzing and cotton sourced through the Better Cotton Initiative, to support sustainable cotton farming. We will continuously increase the sourcing of more sustainable fibres and will label our products accordingly to help you make a better choice.

Up next: 95% sustainable cotton by 2024 (organic cotton, Better Cotton, recycled cotton), more recycled materials

It's also about whats not in our products 

Britney: Don’t you know that you’re toxic?

Hazardous substances are harmful (duh). To you, me, the environment and the planet. Therefore, our suppliers need to comply with the strict requirements of our Restricted Substances List and all applicable laws. The STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX is recognised as an industry standard and is also our benchmark. We regularly conduct random checks at various stages of the supply chain with accredited laboratories.

Environmental protection is as important to us as the safety of our products. Many of our suppliers have joined the requirements of the ZDHC MRSL. This list excludes the use of certain chemicals completely.

Be kind to every kind. Not just humankind.

We consciously speak out for animal welfare. Leather and lambskin are only used if they are a by-product from the food industry. In addition, all our clothing leather tanneries are socially and environmentally audited. 

84% of all our woollen knitwear is made from non mulesed wool. Mulesing is a common practice to prevent flystrike in Australia. Skin folds around the breach of young sheep are removed. A cruel procedure without anaesthetics that we reject. Therefore, we will increase the proportion of non-mulesed wool every year till we reach 100%.

You won't find: 


Up next: even more non-mulesed wool, more vegan leather