There’s a change rippling through society. The wild and free take back what’s theirs. Nothing less than their future is at stake. They leave their mark and carry their messages into the world. The only way is forward.


We support this new future and join these young dreamers on their journey. Since we know there’s no more time to lose, we also pursue a new direction with a 100% climate-neutral campaign-shooting. Our shared path to the future has begun.


DRYKORN is fascinated by the positive energy and the passionate fury that drives youths to commit to their own future.  Neither aggressive nor violent, but pacifistic, level-headed and with a measured stance.  This vision of modern, open-minded new age hippies who have thought things over and present themselves with creative expression was the central inspiration of the campaign.

In this context and in collaboration with graphic artist Eike König, DRYKORN has developed artworks with clear messages that inspire a positive outlook on the future. These graphics were integrated into the campaign as banners, posters and protest signs. Furthermore there is a limited unisex t-shirt Capsule with five Eike König motifs.

At the same time, DRYKORN has achieved its first completely climate-neutral campaign production. In order to limit CO2 emissions as much as possible, there was no long-distance travel to exotic locations and no models were flown in. Nearby Frankfurt was the base of operations. Street and live castings took place here to find interesting characters for the production. Even the venue, a vacant bank building, was located in the heart of Frankfurt. The campaign was carried out by the Frankfurt-born photographer Daniel Woeller. All other participants travelled by train, on foot or by electric car.

The use of sustainable and natural cosmetics, regional and vegan catering and accommodations within walking distance for the crew and models were additional aspects of our climate-neutral production. Our BTS report in message format provides more details for all interested parties.