Saving resoureces is important to us, not only when it comes to the choice of materials, we also consider our daily actions as opportunity to act responsibly. We are continuously seeking for new ways to contribute to a sustainable future. With the carbon neutral photo shoot in Frankfurt am Main we have reached a new milestone.

Carbon neutral means to prevent carbon emissions where ever it is possible and to offset if unavoidable*. We understand this as a step into a future worth living: FUTURE NOW.

*Despite all our efforts, we could not avoid all emissions. Those emissions were calculated with the help and the web calculator of myclimate. We offset the amount of calculated emissions via the myclimate project renaturation of the moor (Königsmoor) in Schleswig-Holstein, North Germany. We have generously rounded up the climate protection contribution. Offsetting included emissions for accommodation, food, energy, waste, mobility and transportation.

In cooperation with our partners and the support of myclimate, we have organised our first carbon neutral shoot. Thanks to the commitment of our employees, we have developed concepts to make the shoot as environmentally friendly as possible and to avoid emissions in the first place. You can find the result here: Together with all our project partners we were able to overcome appearing hurdles by finding responsible solutions in regards to travelling, catering, make-up and locations.


Saving CO2 emissions is important to protect our environment. Therefore we have paid great attention to keep traveling distances short and ecologically friendly for everyone involved. Frankfurt am Main is an alpha world city and a global hub for commerce, culture, education, tourism and transportation. In the growing skyline of Frankfurt we have found the urban scenery we were looking for. It was also centrally located for everyone involved. Local models, a local photo crew, no flights and short traveling distances for our team and partners were the key to avoid unnecessary travelling emissions and to reduce overnight stays. Additional participants travelled climate-consciously either by train or electric / hybrid cars


The hotel was selected in walking distance to the location of the shoot. If walking was not possible, participants used public transport or bicycles to ensure an ecological-friendly trip. Also the restaurant was nearby, offering vegetarian/vegan meals only. Moreover, no disposable dishes or packaging were used.


Only certified natural cosmetics and sustainable hair styling products were used. Natural ingredients and a ban on animal testing characterize natural cosmetics. To ensure the holistic approach of the shoot, the sustainable brands UND GRETEL and Kevin Murphy were selected after an intense period of research.Both brands convince with quality and sustainable commitment.